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The Alice Walk team is so excited to announce that we will be introducing a knitwear line as part of our essentials collection, just in time for fall! We have spent months developing this knitwear in order to perfect the silhouette, proportion, and colors in keeping with what you have come to expect from and love about Alice Walk. Here is a glimpse into our process!

choosing our material

After extensive research, and testing different yarns and blends, we fell in love with the softness and rich hand of 100% baby alpaca wool. Alpaca wool feels softer than other animal fibers thanks to nearly invisible scales present on the wool, giving the knitwear a buttery soft texture. The strength of the wool fibers also make alpaca garments much more resistant to wear and tear, which allows alpaca knitwear to be a staple in your closet for years without becoming worn down. Beyond the luxurious feel of the fiber, we chose alpaca for its distinctive natural properties, and low environmental impact compared to similar luxury wools. Alpaca wool requires less water to wash it and far fewer treatment chemicals than other comparable animal wools. The alpacas themselves also live lifestyles that are easier on the environment, eating less food and damaging less pasture than other fiber-producing animals.

choosing the manufacturing location

To us, creating quality knitwear is more than just a design challenge, but also a challenge to find the best supply chain and raw material partners. It was important to our team to consolidate both the raw materials and the manufacturing site of our knitwear into one area. This allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our product development and streamline the process of manufacturing. 

 After deciding to use alpaca wool in our products, it was clear to us that the best place to source this wool from would be Peru. An estimated 80% of the world’s alpaca population live in the Peruvian Andes, and the Andean people have spent thousands of years cultivating alpacas. With its extensive alpaca population, and their state of the art manufacturing technology for the textile industry, Peru has become a resource for high end designers around the world. We are working directly with the experts to bring you the value and quality promised through the essentials line.

choosing the design of the knitwear

For our first foray into knitwear, we knew we wanted to offer a classic shape that was updated with a modern texture and a pop of color. We decided on the quintessential crewneck silhouette with a timeless, relaxed fit that gives you an effortlessly finished look. Edited down to the essential details, the color is where we really wanted this piece to make an impact. The classic Natural White and Alice Walk blue are complimented by unique, rich colors like Dusty Pink and Atlantic Green. Keep an eye out for our weekly edit with some fresh ways to style your new knitwear!

The creation of this knitwear line has been a labor of love, and we hope that you enjoy wearing the sweaters as much as we enjoyed designing them!

- The Alice Walk Team

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