Here at Alice Walk, our showroom is very special to us. Not only is it a place where our customers can shop, but the production of all AW Made to Order pieces begins and ends here. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to visit our Boston showroom, we wanted to make this video in the hopes of bringing the showroom to you!

Here to discuss the showroom in more detail is Alice Walk’s founder, Emily Keneally:

When we were first starting the brand and began to think about the design of our showroom, we were most focused on showcasing our unique fabrics. We worked carefully to curate and source these beautiful fabrics from around the world, and we wanted to design our showroom in a way that would both bring attention to and complement the fabrics. I had envisioned a clean, white studio with plenty of natural light, and this idea is what guided us while we were renovating the space. After a bit of work, we managed to create a space that allows our fabrics to be the focal point of the room.
In addition to thinking about the general appearance of the space, I also put thought into the way that our customers feel in the space. I hope that when customers enter the showroom, they feel as though they are walking into a good friend’s living room - we want people to feel right at home. When you’re looking for clothing for an important occasion, for work, or even just for everyday wear, I think that it is important to feel comfortable in the atmosphere you’re shopping in. If you aren’t feeling comfortable in the showroom, how can you feel comfortable in the clothes?
Appointments are quite intimate experiences, during which the customer is paired with an Alice Walk team member who will walk them through the various styles, sizes, fits, and fabrics available. We’ll help customers find the most flattering styles and colors for them, as well as the best pieces to wear for any upcoming occasion. We typically spend a full hour or more with each customer. At the end of each appointment, we will also create a customer profile. This profile allows us to store information such as what styles you like, what size(s) fit the best and any notes about custom length measurements . That way, if you’re just browsing, we’ll have this information saved should you decide to order something from us in the future!

My favorite part of the showroom is that it is directly attached to the studio, where all of our AW Made to Order pieces are cut and sewn by our amazing production team. I like to call this, “farm-to-table meets fashion.” I love that, as a business owner, I am able to directly oversee the production of our clothing from start to finish. This set up allows me to interact with customers in the showroom, while also being able to give real time feedback to our production team. The close proximity of the studio and the showroom means that the production team can also easily provide input to our customers during their appointments. If a customer is wondering about the fit of a certain dress, or how a particular fabric will drape on a certain skirt, the production team is close by and able to address these questions as they arise.

One of my favorite events that occur in the showroom are ladies nights. While some of our appointments are one-on-one or a few people, we also make appointments for groups of friends that come in the evening to shop. There are few things more fun than sipping wine and shopping with friends, and the beautiful sunset behind the Boston skyline that is visible from our showroom is just an added bonus!

Hope to see you here soon!

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